About Phytel

Empowering Provider-Led Population Health Improvement

Company Overview


Innovative Population Health Company

IBM Phytel provides health care organizations with proven population health technology to deliver timely, coordinated care to their patients. Our state-of-the-art registry uses evidence-based chronic and preventive care protocols to identify and notify patients due for care, while tracking compliance and measuring quality and financial results.

Our Solutions

IBM Phytel believes there’s more to a healthcare than technology. We design innovative solutions and services that support your focus on delivering quality care to all of your patients and positively influencing their overall health. Learn more about our population health management solutions.

Our Leadership

Our executive leaders merge technology, clinical evidence, and an understanding of the clinical workflow to bring solutions that support provider-led population health management. Learn more about our leadership team.

Our Culture

Our talented and experienced employees are the driving force behind the success and rapid growth of our company. IBM Phytel is committed to recruiting and retaining the most dynamic and well qualified people in the industry.

Our Clients

  • Hundreds of the largest health systems
  • Installed in all 50 states
  • Millions patients in our registry

Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories