Optimize Clinical Alignment

As new standards and performance incentive programs emerge, Hospital Administrators and Quality Managers are challenged to find new ways to demonstrate quality and value. Hospital personnel require tools that help them:

Phytel, a leading healthcare technology company, provides scalable tools to assist hospital administration professionals with maximizing outcomes and revenues. Phytel delivers innovative solutions that help healthcare systems comply with readmission standards and quality programs, qualify for outcome incentives, track care across multiple specialties and communicate with patients to achieve better results.

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Phytel Transition™

Phytel Transition

Phytel Transition™ helps hospital care teams identify risk factors and address patient and family caregiver knowledge gaps for discharged and ER patient visits.


  • Providing a comprehensive discharge and ER outreach program including 100% patient follow-up to enhance compliance and patient satisfaction
  • Facilitating delivery of services to support recovery within the critical first 24-72 hours after discharge
  • Optimizing post-discharge call programming and minimizing avoidable readmissions

Phytel Outreach™

Phytel Outreach

Phytel Outreach™ is an automated service that determines the need for recommended care and communicates to patients according to evidence-based guidelines.


  • Identify patients due for recommended care
  • Automatically notify patients through automated messaging
  • Track patient response and monitor compliance