Qualify for Medical Home

Leveraging care automation to enable the patient-centered
medical home (PCMH)

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Automating the PCMH

Primary care that is more comprehensive, integrated and coordinated, that follows the model of the patient centered medical home (PCMH), delivers better care and better quality at lower costs.  Implementing a new delivery model must enable support care teams such that the extra practice responsibilities don’t increase their workload.

What healthcare delivery organizations need now to qualify for PCMH are information technology tools that can automate the routine tasks of population health management. The care team in the practice must ensure that patients receive the preventive and chronic care recommended in evidence-based guidelines; that the practice reaches out to noncompliant patients; that the practice provides patient education and self-management coaching; and that steps are taken to address poor health behaviors.

We Have the Right Solutions for You 

Phytel’s patient-centered medical home solution helps you:

Learn more about the Phytel solutions that will help you Qualify for Medical Home.

Phytel Outreach™

Phytel Outreach

Phytel Outreach™ is an automated service that determines the need for recommended care and communicates to patients according to evidence-based guidelines.


  • Identify patients due for recommended care
  • Automatically notify patients through automated messaging
  • Track patient response and monitor compliance

Phytel Insight™

Phytel Insight

Phytel Insight™ provides a quality lens, delivering metrics that let you evaluate your organization’s effectiveness


  • Displays an integrated quality dashboard
  • Enables oversight of chronic and preventive care conditions
  • Lets you gauge practice effectiveness across facilities and providers

Phytel Coordinate™

Phytel Coordinate

Phytel Coordinate™ automates your care management process empowering your care team to take action 


  • Identify care gaps and implement the most appropriate intervention
  • Produce worklists to track and manage quality measures and initiatives
  • Generate pre-visit reporting to identify care opportunities before each encounter

Phytel Engage™

Phytel Engage

Phytel Engage™ is a patient-centric suite of solutions that empowers patients to take control their own health — based on proven behavioral science principles.


  • Best-in-class tools and services actively engage patients in healthcare management
  • A seamless continuum of care supported by a connection between these patient-facing tools and the care team
  • A way to capture and compile self-reported patient information